Nevada Medical MArijuana Cards

Out of State Patients Welcome!

Nevada is a reciprocal state and honors the laws of other medical marijuana states. This enables potential patients with out of state IDs and Nevada residents with a passport or military ID to get a California recommendation letter and purchase medical marijuana in the same day.

Recommendation letters are issued in less than an hour during business hours and upon approval, you'll get a digital copy of your recommendation letter so you can visit a dispensary almost immediately. Hard copies with our official seal will be mailed out within 7 business days of approval.

Nevada state residents with a Nevada driver's license as their sole form of ID must apply for a Nevada state medical marijuana card. While the Doctor visit can be performed after filling out a state application, this process can take up to 6 weeks when applying to the state.

Do I Qualify for medical marijuana in Nevada?

Patients in Nevada diagnosed with one of the following severe, debilitating, or life-threatening medical conditions, are afforded legal protection under the Nevada Medical Marijuana law, as per Ballot Question 9:

  • Cancer
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Glaucoma
  • Any medical condition or treatment to a medical condition that produces:
    • Cachexia
    • Persistent muscle spasms or seizures
    • Severe nausea or chronic pain
    • Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression (California Recommendation Letter Patients Only)
  1. Patients must be a Nevada Resident with a valid Nevada I.D. as proof of residency. If you do not have a Nevada I.D. an out of state I.D., passport, or other photo I.D. with proof of residency such as bank statement, utility bill, etc. is acceptable.
  2. The qualifying patient must have been diagnosed by a physician as having a debilitating medical condition.
  3. Once a patient has obtained a written certification from a physician licensed in the state of Nevada, patients are required to submit an application to the Nevada State Health Division, with a written request and application fee, to the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program.
  4. The Nevada DMV will issue the medical marijuana cards. 
  5. * Please note: if you hold a Commercial Drives License, you are NOT eligible for a medical marijuana card.